Prayer List

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Sick & Housebound:
Lisa Beards, Betty Bickerdike, Julie Burke, Margaret & Cliff Brazier, Bryan Brookes, Lyn Brooks,Norma Brooks, Vicky Bullows, Martin Campbell, Joan Cartwright, Sue Clark, Chris Clelford,Megan College, Carol Connochie, John Connochie, Lauren & John Colledge, Lyn Cooney, Alice Corbett, Emily Cousland, Val Dallaway, Madeline Darby, Charlie Davies, Sue Davies, Alisha and Kelly Dixon, Malcolm Dixon, Steven Foster, Gordon Gaskill, Leon Gilson, Sid Griffiths, Wilf Griffiths, Andy Guest, Jodie Harris, Sylvia Harrison, Corrine Hipkiss, Pat Hulse, Claire & Tony Jones, Karen Jones, June & John Latham, Joyce & Hal Loach, Brandon Long, Carol Long, Ann Lovesy, Maureen Loyd, Pete Marsh, Helen, Lindy & Mark Massey, Angela Macaulay, Harry Millard, Betty Miller, Pat Morgan, Edna Price, Margaret Probin, Rosemary Oakley, Evelyn Parker,Nathan Parker, Myra Ponting, Maureen Price, Olive Price, Stan & Edna Reeves, Donna Salt, David Screen, Gerald and Chris Smith, Jacob Smith, Joanne Smith, Pauline & Denzil Smith,
Michael Smith, Dorothy Spalding, Ray Stevens, Joan Stringer, Paul Thomas, Les Waldron, Bryan Walker, Jennifer Walker, Charlotte Witczak, Sorana White, Diane Williams, Val & Les
Wilson, Brenda Wood.
Years Mind: 19th – Evelyn Jones, Dorothy Laughter; 20th – Thomas Baker, Maud Larner,Norman Lines, Philomela O’Connell, Jane Saxon; 21st – Gladys Cresswell; 22nd – Alf Ingram;24th – Thomas Bullows, Nancy Hale.
Birthday: 22nd – Pat Morgan.
Wedding Anniversary: 20th – Paul & Kaye Bickerdike.
Banns: Martin Brooker and Jade Theaker; Stephen Jackson and Catherine Baggott.
Residents in Care Homes:
Doris Barnes; Lynda Blakemore; Beryl Cook; Mavis Douglass; Pat Eades; Josie Fiske; Eunice Jackson; Pat Hill; Hazel Saxon.
Lee Bullows, Amy Chambers, Ebony Churchill, Ian Day, Scott Sabin, Neil Skett, Fr Michael Wagstaff, Craig Ward, Nathan Yates.

Great news to share today.. It has been announced this morning that Stephen Hanscombe has been appointed as the Vicar of Leyburn and Bellerby. The licensing date is to be arranged! Stephen is the eldest son of Father Derek Hanscombe who was an incumbent of St Chad's in the 1970s. Several of Stephen's contempories who grew up with him throughout his teenage years are still faithful members of St Chad's congregation. ...

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Please support The Children's Society on Saturday 25th May at our Church Hall. ...

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