Incumbents & Curates of S. Chad’s




1879 -1898 Fr. George Castriot De RenziWilliam Solly
Ernest Henry Rogers
1898 - 1912 Fr. J. E. WalkerFrank Jones
1912 -1918 Fr. W WilliamsC Radford
1918 - 1920 Fr. A J Longhurst Fr Heath
Basil Field
A.R. Windsor-Garnett
1930 -1931 Fr. Smither
1932 -1939 Fr. Arthur George Esau
1940 - 1948 Fr. Percy Bourne
1948 - 1950 Fr. W. O\'Connor
1950 - 1957 Fr. Ernest Roy Bowdler
1957 - 1965 Fr. John Bernard Boniface Samuels
1965 - 1973 Fr. Arthur Edwin WilliamsClifford Longworth
1974 - 1977 Fr. Derek Handscombe Nicholas Stewart Reade
1978 - 1991Fr. William Melvyn Smith
1992 - 1994 Fr. Kurt Wittwer
1994 - PresentFr. Alan Howes


Great news to share today.. It has been announced this morning that Stephen Hanscombe has been appointed as the Vicar of Leyburn and Bellerby. The licensing date is to be arranged! Stephen is the eldest son of Father Derek Hanscombe who was an incumbent of St Chad's in the 1970s. Several of Stephen's contempories who grew up with him throughout his teenage years are still faithful members of St Chad's congregation. ...

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Please support The Children's Society on Saturday 25th May at our Church Hall. ...

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