Sunday 17th The Sixth Sunday In Ordinary Time
8.30am Low Mass
10.15am Family Mass
12.15pm Vestry Hour

Monday 18th Feria
7.00pm Karate in the Hall
7.30pm Praying through the Scriptures at Joe Jones Court

Tuesday 19th Feria
9.40am Art Group in Hall
6.00pm Slim4Good in the Hall
7.00pm Line Dancing in the Hall

Wednesday 20th Feria
9.00am Low Mass
9.30am Busy Babies in the Hall
1.30pm Zumba Gold in the Hall

Thursday 21st Feria
9.40am Art Group in the Hall
1.30pm House Group

Friday 22nd St Peter’s Chair
2.00pm Choir Practice venue tba
3.30pm Funeral: Audrey Norris at Gornal Wood Crematorium

Saturday 23rd St Polycarp, Bishop and Martyr
9.30am Low Mass
8.00pm Social Club: Line Dancing with Louisiana Line Dancers

Sunday 24th The Seventh Sunday In Ordinary Time
1 Samuel 26: 2,7-9,11-13.22-23; Psalm 103: 1-4,8,10, 12-13;1Corinthians 15: 45-49; St
Like 6: 27-38.
8.30am Low Mass
10.15am Family Mass
11.45am AGM of the Social Club in the Nave
12.15pm Vestry Hour