Prayer List

Sick & Housebound: Margaret Aldridge, Canon Matthew Baines, Alan Bamford, Margaret &
Cliff Brazier, Bryan Brookes, Lyn Brooks, Vicky Bullows, Martin Chandler, Mac & Len
Colbourne, Megan College, John Connochie, Lauren & John Colledge, Beryl Cook, Lyn
Cooney, Emily Cousland-Penn, Val Dallaway, Madeline Darby, Joyce Davies, Alisha and Kelly
Dixon, Leon Gilson, Lesley Griffiths, Sid Griffiths, Wilf Griffiths, Andy Guest, Joan Halford,
Christine Hartshorne, Jenny Hughes, Pat Hulse, Beryl Hunt, Dorothy Humphriss, Eunice
Jackson, Karen Jones, Steven Knott, June & John Latham, Joyce & Hal Loach, Brandon Long,
Helen, Lindy & Mark Massey, Betty Miller, Audrey Norris, Rosemary Oakley, Nathan Parker,
Kath Payne, Edna Price, Stan Reeves, Baby Isaac Rickett, Margaret Roberts, Hazel Saxon,
Bill Shepherd, Gerald Smith, Jacob Smith, Joanne Smith, Pauline Smith, Dorothy Spalding,
Marjorie & Ray Stevens, Joan Stringer, Pat & Christine Taylor, Paul Thomas, Les Waldron,
Billy & Doreen Ward, Beryl Ward, Carol Ward, Diane Williams, Val & Les Wilson, Brenda
Years Mind: 19th – Stan Morris; 20th – Hilda Smith, Julie Yardley; 22nd – Phoebe Stringer;
23rd – Don Concannon; 25th – Beryl Lane, Ethel May Turner.
Residents in Care Homes: Doris Barnes (The Firs); Lynda Blakemore (Castlewellan);
Mavis Douglass (Park Lane); Pat Eades, (Woodlands); Josie Fiske, Beacon (Centre); Pat Hill
(Island Court), Barbara Jones (Oak Court); Pearl Wardhough (Camelot Rest Home); Floss
Webb (Lime Tree Court).

***Thank you to Dudley Waste Department who have just collected the tyres***

This mornings offering - Tyres dumped on the Car Park of the Hall. Yes, the gates were lock last night at 9 O'clock and were still locked this morning. If you can throw some light on this or witnessed anything let me know. Fr Alan. Looks like we will have to dispose of them! GOOD NEWS Thanks to our local councillors and efficient council all the tyres are removed. However, we had yougsters using them to get on the hall roof last night before 7.00pm. AH

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St Chad's, Coseley. shared Church of England Diocese of Worcester's album. ...

Congratulations to all those who received their Bishop's Certificate this evening. Find out more:

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