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​Thy Kingdom Come 25 May – 4 June

From Ascension Day to Pentecost, parishes across the
Diocese are joining with Christians worldwide in a ten-day
wave of prayer. This is the second year of the initiative from
the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and this year it’s
become a global movement with Christians around the world
praying together for more people to come to know Jesus.

Throughout our own diocese, many of us will be getting involved with prayer events
planned in deaneries and parishes throughout this week. We hope people will also
join us in pilgrimage – walking from the four compass points to form the shape of a
cross as we converge in Worcester for a service of praise and celebration at 7pm on
Pentecost Eve next Saturday. Those in the north of our diocese will have their own event
at 2.30pm on Pentecost itself (next Sunday). Christians of all denominations will be
gathering in Priory Ruins to pray for Dudley Borough. 

Together we’d like to cover the ten days in a wave of 24/7 prayer and hope as many
people as possible will join in and ‘pledge to pray’. As Archbishop Justin says: “In praying
‘Thy Kingdom Come’ we all commit to playing our part in the renewal of the nations and
the transformation of communities… I cannot remember in my life anything that I’ve
been involved in where I have sensed so clearly the work of the Spirit.”

Please pray for all that is happening
around this initiative. And from now until
Pentecost pray particularly for more people
to come to know and love Jesus.
Lord, Thy Kingdom Come. 

Dudley Deanery – Rural Dean: Dominic Melville 

Diocese of Exeter: Bishop Robert Atwell with
Bishops Nicholas McKinnel (Plymouth) and Sarah Mullally (Crediton) 

Diocese of Nord-Hålogaland (Norway): Bishop Olav Øygard 

The Anglican Centre in Rome 

Diocese of Nike (Nigeria): Bishop Evans Jonathan Ibeagha

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About Diocese of Worcester - Prayer diary

​Economy and Daily Life

Pray for volunteer workplace chaplains serving in a wide variety of contexts, and those
undertaking this month’s Faith at Work in Worcestershire workplace chaplaincy training
course. Pray for discernment in developing new ministry as a result. 

Diocese of Niger Delta West (Nigeria): Bishop Emmanuel Oko-Jaja

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About Diocese of Worcester - Prayer diary

​Worcester Almshouses

For the chaplaincies at Laslett’s and St Oswald’s. For loving communities where the
elderly can be valued. For Nash’s & Wyatt’s Court, Berkeley’s Court and Walsgrove Court
(All Saints Parish), Queen Elizabeth’s Almhouses (St George’s Parish) and The Royal
Albert and St Swithun’s (St Martin’s Parish) catering for the elderly and disadvantaged. 

Diocese of Niger Delta North (Nigeria): Archbishop Ignatius Kattey

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About Diocese of Worcester - Prayer diary

​Worcester South East Team

Please hold Holy Trinity & St Matthew, Ronkswood in your continued prayers,
especially our building project and for all involved in raising money, working with
partner organisations and ‘keeping the show on the road’. Clergy: George Davis;
Reader: Tim Parker 

Diocese of Niassa (Southern Africa): The Revd Vicente Msossa with Suffragan Manuel Ernesto

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About Diocese of Worcester - Prayer diary


Rogation is an opportunity to pray to God
for farming as the spring shoots and the
young animals begin to grow. Traditionally,
it has involved walking round the fields
and sometimes marking the boundaries
of the parish. 

Last year, the Chaplaincy for Agriculture and Rural Life visited Churchfields Farm in
Salwarpe, near Droitwich. The Revd Phillip Jones explains: 

“We visited a pasture where the cows graze in the warmer weather and saw other
meadows where grass is grown to be made into silage to feed the cows when they are
inside in the winter. We saw some of the cows themselves, including some ‘expectant
mums’ and looked at the milking parlour.”

“The young calves are reared in special pens next to a solar farm that helps power all
the electrical equipment on the farm, reminding us of the need for us to live in harmony
with creation. The farm was also planning a biomass boiler to burn carbon-neutral wood
pellets and supply all the heating and hot water needs of the farm.”

“During the visit, we gave thanks to God for his creation and for our good fortune in
sharing in it. We prayed for wise stewardship and care of our farm animals, and of
the land and its crops and asked God to bless farmers and all those who produce and
process our food.” 

The Bowbrook Group of parishes is holding two services for Rogation, both on local
farms. Today there will be a service at Tibberton at 10.30am and next Sunday at
Hanbury at 11am. Vicar David Morris said: “Going out into nature is a celebration of
God’s creation and a celebration of farmers, who are co-creators with God.” 

Pray for all the farmers across the Diocese. 

Worcester East Deanery – Rural Dean:
Charles Thomas; Lay Chair: Michael Bunclark 

Diocese of Ngbo (Nigeria):
Bishop Christian Ebisike 

Diocese of Guildford: Bishop Andrew Watson
with Bishop Jo Wells (Dorking) 

Diocese of Viborg (Denmark):
Bishop Henrik Stubkjær

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About Diocese of Worcester - Prayer diary